Hope and Hospitality Blossom in Grantham

clarence-hertaClarence Sakimura (pictured with his wife, Herta)
Attended Messiah Academy 1950-1951
Joined Messiah College faculty in 1955 to teach Greek


Walk in front of Climenhaga Fine Arts Center, and you’ll notice a cherry blossom tree. Beneath the tree, stands a plaque with the following inscription:

“If someone wishes to know the essence of the Japanese spirit, it is the fragrant cherry blossom in the early morning.”
                                                                                               Motoori Norinaga

How does this quote from an 18th-century Japanese scholar converge with the history of Messiah College? The plaque and the tree are gifts from Clarence Sakimura, a man integral to the campus’ multicultural fabric. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on January 7th, 2010


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