Decades Behind the Iron Curtain Fuels Employee’s Passion Against Injustice

Joanna Matlak
Circulation Desk Evening Supervisor
Murray Library

Grantham, Pa.

For Joanna Matlak, circulation desk evening supervisor in Messiah’s Murray Library, each night spent working among the towering rows of books offers a quiet reminder of the first 33 years of her life spent behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-run Poland, where the free exchange of ideas and expression were mere words on a page.

“Everyday in my work at Messiah, I check out books to College students that were forbidden by the Communist regime in Poland,” she says.  “These books, such as those written by George Orwell and Vaclav Havel, for example, would have had to be printed and distributed in the underground press.  Under the totalitarian communist dictatorship we endured, you would have suffered terribly for possessing these books.”

Her long years under totalitarian Communism have fostered in Matlak a passion against injustice which informs her daily vocation within the Messiah community. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on March 25th, 2011


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