Teaching with technology

Innovative lesson plan helps alumna land first teaching job

Elizabeth Arnold ’12
Teacher at the Alliance for Progress Charter School
Philadelphia, Pa.

For fourth grade teacher and Messiah alumna, Elizabeth Arnold ’12, learning to embrace technology played a vital role in helping her secure her current job. Just months after graduating, Arnold was hired as a full-time teacher at the Alliance for Progress Charter School in North Philadelphia, where she uses innovative technology to bring life to her lesson plans.

As a student at Messiah, Arnold joined a pilot program through the College that loaned students iPads to use during their student teaching experiences. She quickly learned the role technology could play in the classroom.

“We had various assignments throughout the semester as we worked hand in hand with Messiah professors and our cooperating teachers,” said Arnold. “We would then meet as a group to discuss our progress. It was a great resource to have this small group that encouraged each other to use technology in a creative way in the classroom.”

After the last bell rang for student teaching, Arnold found herself interviewing for the job at Alliance for Progress Charter School. She demonstrated the iPad skills and applications she had learned as a student, incorporating them in her model lesson during the interview.

Impressed with her forward thinking, the school hired her on the spot.

On any given day in the classroom, Arnold uses an interactive projector or an iPad for research and instructional apps. She notes that using this technology engages students who learn best by visual cues and kinesthetic learning. With this method of learning, students master the lesson objectives, increase their ability to solve problems, develop their fine-motor skills and become members of a technologically driven society.

“Spending a semester at the Messiah College Philadelphia Campus truly transformed my perspective on education,” said Arnold. “I’m now back in the same Philadelphia neighborhood striving to set the same high expectations for my own students.”

Erin Bray ’10 and Lily Smith ’13

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Posted on October 15th, 2012

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