Alum leads game operations and events for NBA team

Todd Red2Todd Bosma ’96
Portland, Oregon
Director of game operations and events for the Portland Trail Blazers

 From the moment a fan pulls into the parking lot of the Rose Garden to the moment they leave the door, director of game operations and events for the Portland Trail Blazers Todd Bosma ’96 is in charge of making sure visitors have a memorable night at the game.

“I am responsible for everything that goes on during a game besides the five guys on the court dribbling,” says Bosma. “It’s challenging and a bit chaotic, but I absolutely love my job.”

Bosma’s role encompasses all aspects of the fan experience at a Trail Blazers game, including writing a 50-page script for the announcer to guide each home game; overseeing the dance team and mascot; cueing music, videos and cheers; and educating fans about players.

“There are some things we can plan for in advance, but some of the best times are when we have to think on our feet and keep the momentum going, like during a time-out. I get to push a button and have 20,000 people scream ‘defense’ at one time.”

Bosma’s path to the Trail Blazers began with a love of basketball and an internship with the New Jersey Nets after graduation. Working in the public relations department and the game operations department for the Nets afforded  him the opportunity to help with press conferences, assist with the NBA draft and gave him a start at what he does today—planning game operations.

His hard work as intern paid off, and he landed a part-time game night position with the Nets. A few years later when his Nets boss was hired by the Trail Blazers, he took Bosma with him. Fourteen years later, Bosma says he is grateful for his move to Portland, Ore., and the job he holds today.

“I knew I wanted to work in sports, so I pursued any opportunities I could to get there,” said Bosma, who was a marketing major at Messiah. “If I wasn’t at the game working, I would probably be there watching. Sports are a main interest of mine outside of work, so getting to combine the two is ideal.”

Bosma interacts with fans during a game.

Bosma (far left) interacts with fans during a game.

For a job that requires spontaneity and an outgoing personality, Bosma says Messiah’s compassionate community helped him to find his voice and to discover his talents. As a student, Bosma pursued his passion for sports by participating in intramural leagues, hosting a sports talk radio show on WVMM and serving as a play-by-play announcer for several Messiah teams—all of which helped build the foundation for many of the skills he uses today.

“I have to think about how we can get people who could do many other things with their time to a Trail Blazers game. We can’t guarantee a win, but we can guarantee they have a good time. My goal is to turn what is an everyday experience for me into an extraordinary experience for the fans.”

—Erin Bray ’10

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Posted on May 1st, 2013

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