Sticking around to help the city

Jeff Waters ′08
Communications major
Hometown:  Baltimore, Maryland
Community, particularly within urban environments, means a lot to Jeff Waters ′08. The Messiah College communications graduate believes living and working in Harrisburg—the state capital of Pennsylvania just fifteen miles from the College’s Grantham campus—provides insight into those he serves and adds to the sense of community he relishes.  “Harrisburg is such a unique city,” said Waters. “It provides many features of a big city while still maintaining a small-town feel. It leads me to want to make a difference in the community I am part of.”

Starting a new job in a new city may seem daunting, but Waters thrives in his role as special projects coordinator at Salvation Army Harrisburg.  Working with a broad range of program managers and community leaders keeps Waters at the top of his game.   

“I work hard to develop skills that are audience–oriented and I try to keep in mind how they will relate to what I say, which serves the overall goal of helping others,” he said.  “The communications program at Messiah helped me learn the importance of listening just as much as speaking.”  

Working within the Salvation Army—an international, Christ-centered movement aimed at meet human needs—allows Waters to use his faith as a “means for action, instead of just talking about it,” he said. “Faith is something that is constantly transforming the way I think, and influences my daily actions,” he said. 

This relational and eloquent mindset has led Waters to gain an understanding of the needs of his new community. As he listens and recognizes these needs, he continues to act upon and improve the lives of others and the community that surrounds him.





                                                                                                                                          -Erin Kriner ’09

Erin Kriner ’09 is public relations major at Messiah College who enjoys working with people and stretching her mind to relate to and better serve them. In her spare time, Erin enjoys playing tennis and listening to different kinds of music. One day she hopes to work in media and community relations.

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Posted on December 4th, 2008

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