Campus life big enough for brother and sister
Lindsey Gorkos ′09
Marketing major
Hellertown, Pennsylvania

Students are never just a number at Messiah College . . . unless they want to be number one. Small class sizes, hospitable surroundings, and educators’ unparalleled commitment to cultivating the unique gifts of each student provide a campus experience that encourages active, yet balanced, participation in all facets of student life. 

Lindsey Gorkos ’09 appreciates the influence “getting involved” has made on her sense of self since arriving on campus four years ago. Just two years behind big brother Matt ’07, Gorkos grew accustomed to smiling politely when new teachers asked if she would be as smart, successful, and as athletically inclined as Matt.

“It was almost like living up to a legacy,” says Gorkos of how Matt’s reputation preceded her through high school and onto the Messiah College campus. “I knew that I had to step out from his shadow and find myself.”

Gorkos, a marketing major and math minor, claims the welcoming culture and abundance of student life activities at Messiah’s Grantham campus spurred her to get involved, helping to successfully carve out a place of her own. “I felt at home here ever since I stepped on campus,” she said. “I’ve always felt as if I fit in here.” 

Through her years at Messiah, this go getter has staked her claim as senior class president, chair of the student alumni council (EYAS), Acclamation dance ministry member and instructor, alumni office work study, and even manager of the nationally-ranked Messiah College Falcons wrestling team—all while sustaining a respectable grade point average.

Asked whether the sibling rivalry between she and Matt has subsided now that big brother is preparing to go off to seminary, Gorkos responds, “Well, I guess we’re smoothing out who we are. I feel really good about who I am, but I still crack up when I recall the time Matt took a theology class after I did and Professor Crane said to him, ‘Oh, are you Lindsey’s brother? You have a lot to live up to’.”



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Posted on January 6th, 2009

One Response to “Campus life big enough for brother and sister”

  1. Kirk and Nancy Gorkos Says:

    Nice story. We are very proud of Matthew and Lindsey and feel that Messiah was the right college for them. We are praying our youngest son elects to attend Messiah as well in the fall.


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