It’s all fun and games . . . until someone gets hired

Steve SylvesterSteve Sylvester ’09
Business Information Systems major
Hometown: Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Steve Sylvester might be a self-proclaimed “nerd” but to most who know him, including the Department of Defense (DoD), that’s a good thing.   

 Sylvester, a lifelong gamer who enjoys making costumes of video game characters to wear at conventions, has a natural affinity for software development, animation, and computer programming—the latter catching the attention of Sycamore.US, Inc.—a federal contractor for the United States government specializing in network security and satellite technology.  Six months prior to graduation from Messiah College, Sycamore.US offered Sylvester a software engineering position in their Frederick, Maryland facility—a position requiring approval from the DoD.

“I need high-level security clearance for the job,” says Sylvester. “So as we speak, the CIA is contacting my friends and neighbors to check me out.” Sylvester, a business information systems major and recipient of a Messiah College Provost Scholarship, isn’t worried. His life is an open book. “I’m pretty much known on campus as a nerd,” he jokes. “But I see myself as a bridge between those who sit in their rooms all day and play video games, and those who have a semblance of a social life.”

Sylvester has found a home here at Messiah College, participating in Dance Dance Revolution competitions, serving as a member of the Anime’ club—a group of about 30 Messiah students who enjoy Japanese culture and cutting-edge, creative animation—and taking part in gaming and web design social networks. “I’m a jack-of-all-trades,” says Sylvester, who, as a two-year member of the highly competitive Messiah College Concert Choir, toured the Czech Republic and Austria. “Even my degree is versatile, which is why I chose business information systems.”

According to Sylvester, Messiah’s BIS degree integrates a technically-inclined computer science curriculum with management and business courses, providing students with a wide range of skills and better preparing them for the job market. “I wanted something versatile that would apply to several different fields,” says Sylvester. “And I’m really glad I chose Messiah. The College allows me to maintain my adulthood and my freedom, but still provides the structure and shared values we all need.” He adds, “It’s a nice feeling to know I’m graduating in May and already have a great job.”

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Posted on February 3rd, 2009

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  1. vaporizer Says:

    Messiah college has always been very inspiring.

    A great spirit, i think this sentence sum it up :

    “The College allows me to maintain my adulthood and my freedom, but still provides the structure and shared values we all need.”



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