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anthony-thomas.jpgAnthony Thomas 06
Computer Science major
Homeland: Kochi, Kerala, India

An admissions counselor’s uncompromising commitment to finding every available financial aid option helped a promising international student to become his true self – a servant, ministry leader, and mentor.

“I really needed financial aid and was ready to give up,” said Anthony Thomas ′06. “[Admissions counselor] James Hubbard must have seen what I didn’t see in myself. He talked to me for a long time and through a lot of digging made it possible for me to attend Messiah.”

Anthony readily admits, however, that he was not a model citizen during his first year on campus, and he attributes his growth to the support he received from students and faculty, citing fellow student Nashon Walker ′05 as an example. “When I wandered from the path,” he recalls, “Nashon kept telling me God had a plan for my life. I started to pray and study the Word, like him, asking God to make my life meaningful.”

Then, a purposeful life seemed to emerge rather quickly for Anthony beginning with a series of answered prayers. A job on campus—”they believed in me,”—followed by roles in ministry, missions, and student philanthropy, all while maintaining a rigorous academic schedule. The 2006 graduate now gives back to the alma mater that gave so much to him. Although, as a new graduate, he was offered employment from a prominent firm in Washington, D.C., Anthony chose to accept the assistant directorship of Messiah College’s annual giving program.

Claims Anthony, “Messiah is where I can have the greatest impact, to demonstrate to those who had faith in me that I am ready to lead others.”


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Posted on May 1st, 2008

2 Responses to “For learners, educators, and faith builders – where there’s a will, there’s a way”

  1. Hassau Powell Says:

    Wow Anthony! That was amazingly inspirational. I needed to hear your testimony. It came at the right time. God Bless You! I will keep you in my prayers – and in my mental reference log of faith based people & stories. ;-) Much Love Man.

  2. Joanna Says:

    And he has since served as a mentor to many more students at Messiah College, myself included. God has blessed others so much through him!


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