Jersey boy’s first impression of Messiah is a keeper

ben-stolz.jpgBen Stolz 10
Philosophy and Biblical & Religious Studies double major
Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Ben Stolz ′10 wanted to learn about faith through the lens of Christian educators but didn’t want to live in a “Christian bubble.” Diversity, an urban setting, an academic challenge, and accessible faculty were also at the top of his list. Would Messiah College fit the bill?

“Everything felt right,” said Ben recalling his first visit to the campus. He explained that while traveling to the College’s Open House, Ben and his mother got lost, ultimately missing the event. Arriving several hours later, the two were offered a personal tour by a Messiah representative. “It was a great first impression,” said Ben, who enrolled at Messiah’s Grantham campus, despite acceptances from three larger schools in metropolitan areas.

“I quickly learned that students at Messiah aren’t given cookie cutter answers to questions … and I asked a lot of questions,” said the philosophy/Biblical and religious studies double major, and Witmer Hall residence assistant. “I’ve met students from all over the world and have personal relationships with professors who live out their faith. Everyone is pretty open-minded.”

Editor’s Update: A passerby, overhearing my conversation with Ben, casually predicted “There’s a lot more to come from this promising young man.” Weeks later, we learned of Ben’s appointment as the 2008-2009 student body chaplain—a sound decision indeed. When asked for a comment, he replied, “I would like to see people’s lives grow closer to God and in that growth, closer to God’s character, and in that, closer to the calling that is their lives.”;lasd


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Posted on May 7th, 2008

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