Alum affirms Creator’s purpose for our lives

ryan-scott-bomberger-pic-12Ryan Scott Bomberger ’93
Marketing major
Atlanta, Georgia

Adopted into a multi-racial family of 15, Ryan Scott Bomberger’s acceptance into a loving Christian home fostered his own passion for adoption and seeking God’s purpose in his life.  Today, he and wife Bethany Koopalethes Bomberger ’97 are co-founders of The Radiance Foundation (, a life-affirming organization that seeks to empower people by building their sense of purpose. 

Over the years, Ryan has spoken to hundreds of thousands of individuals about adoption advocacy, foster care, race relations, and life choices.  On college campuses and in churches, at conferences and major events, his words of encouragement and application of biblical truth bring hope and healing to those who hear his story.  “We know that when people understand that they are deliberate creations with purpose, not just some random consequences of chaos, we have helped them either refocus or simply discover their potential to live meaningful lives,” says Ryan from his home base in Atlanta, Georgia. 

To promote his passion for encouraging mothers to consider adoption rather than abortion, Ryan launched  “The ‘unwanted child’ propaganda perpetuated by some groups obscures the beauty of adoption,” he says.  “I rely on something simple—my life story, a tangible example of an adopted child—someone who is living a life of meaning.  And because of my biological mother’s choice for life, I am able to share my heart with others.”

Ryan, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Messiah College in 1993, went on to receive a master’s degree in communications from Regent University.  His experience in communications and specialization in graphic design, radio, and film, serve him well as a creative professional and in his community endeavors.  This fall he is featured in a documentary “Life Happens” featuring well-known politicians, professional athletes, and musical recording artists.  The project is a positive exposition of lives spared from abortion who are impacting the world around them.  

While at Messiah, Ryan was an active participant, and leader in many on-campus and outreach programs, serving as the Student Activities Board Director, student senator, college radio station disc jockey/music director, vocalist in several musical groups, Special Olympics coordinator, Big Brother, and a member of Phi Omega Chi.  “Messiah provided an environment where I was challenged academically, relationally, theologically, politically and emotionally,” says Ryan.  “And I believe those I spent my time with changed me far more than I could’ve impacted them.”

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Posted on October 8th, 2009

10 Responses to “Alum affirms Creator’s purpose for our lives”

  1. Raeann Hamon Says:

    Wow! What a powerful story and ministry! I hope that Ryan will some day come and speak to students at Messiah College about the possibilities which result from choosing life.

    As an adoptive mother myself, I am thankful for the gift of our daughter. I frequently find myself praying for my daughter’s birth mother. Like Ryan, I will be eternally grateful to her for her willingness to carry her child to term. My prayer frequently is that she find comfort in knowing that her little one is part of a loving family. I hope that Ryan’s birth mother is also comforted with the knowledge of what a fine person that he has become.

    Which leads me back to my own life’s passion… building strong families. Thank you Ryan, for sharing your story with us, and for your own efforts in strengthening today’s families.

    Raeann Hamon
    Chair, Department of Human Development and Family Science
    Messiah College

  2. Tracy Whitney Says:

    I love this story! I’ve recently been bombarded with lots of differing viewpoints on adoption, and have been so disheartened to read about the anger and the unhealthy unresolved feelings that adult adoptees often reckon with, as related to working through their feelings from adoption. As an adoptive mom, I was greatly encouraged to read Ryan’s story and to have a great example of a passionate life lived for others, not self. It’s awesome to see what an amazing difference he’s making in his journey! Thanks for highlighting him.

  3. Debbie Dudley Gilkey Says:

    Thank you for sharing this story! I keep thinking of how Ryan’s biological mother felt so many years ago; scared, alone, confused. Her courageous choice to carry him to term and choose life in such a crisis, is so admirable! And knowing Ryan personally has been a blessing in my life, – he truly is an amazing guy who loves the Lord.
    As Chairman of the Board for the Hope Clinic for Women (formerly the crisis pregnancy center in Nashville) – I can tell you that there are still thousands of women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy every year, and need encouragement, spiritual direction, and support. Stories like Ryan’s help them know that they are not alone, and that choosing life for their baby – can have positive, wonderful results!
    Also- let’s not forget those women who have chosen abortion – (and the men involved) b/c they need to know that Jesus will forgive them and that there is healing, hope, and restoration for their past decision. Statistics show that at least one in four women (including the churched) have had an abortion.
    Ryan’s foundation is a much needed organization that will hopefully show many people the beauty of adoption and how valuable and precious life truly is.
    Thanks for sharing his story!
    Debbie Dudley Gilkey
    messiah grad, class of 92

  4. Teresa Lanza Says:

    As an adoption advocate, I am thrilled to hear your powerful and positive story. Thank you for your willingness to share! So many people can benefit from hearing about your experience and about the beautiful outcome of a difficult choice made by your birth-mother.

    Teresa Lanza, MSW
    Messiah, Class of 1989

  5. Rich Hatch Says:

    It would be great for Ryan to address the student body at Messiah. In him there is a fantastic example of a believer not only recognizing and appreciating the goodness of God in his life, but also taking that cue from God to do something powerful with it.

    Rich Hatch, ’93

  6. Gavin Baker Says:

    I love this story of Ryan’s life and how he’s using it to educate!

  7. Sam Wilcock Says:

    Thanks for the inspiring story. I do hope that our biological daughter and adopted kids (one boy, one girl so far) will someday praise God with their lives as Ryan does! We love the beauty of our more diverse family, and look forward to seeing where God leads us! I would love to see Ryan come to campus and share his unique insights into the beauty of life. Thanks, Ryan, for the resources the the Radiance Foundation provides to help us to encourage our kids to embrace God’s purpose for their lives.

  8. Mark Hopkins Says:

    Thank you for highlighting Ryan on StoryLink. I love Ryan’s passion, conviction, and his articulate testimony of God’s grace in his life. His story reminds me of Israel Houghton (different, of course, yet so redeeming). Bring them both to Messiah! Both are men of action, compelled in response to God’s grace in their lives!

  9. Misti Demko Says:

    Great story and great purpose in this young man. Would love to hear him speak in person. As a parent to four young children (bio and adopted) I agree totally with his point of view that each was specifically and intentionally created to be here in this family and, more importantly, to serve God here.

  10. Matthew Hunter Says:

    It would be great to have Ryan come. In addition to everything listed above, Ryan is a warm, engaging and hilarious person. I’m sure his visit to Messiah would be appreciated by our students.


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