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WELCOME TO STORYLINK, a collection of student, faculty, and alumni

profiles that highlight the unique distinctives of a Messiah College academic

experience. Here you will find compelling human-interest vignettes that

strengthen our bond as a community, further define our identity and

purpose, and demonstrate why we are consistently ranked as one of the

best colleges in the northeast.

CONNECT • READ • SHARE is the simple strategy for StoryLink.

By regularly connecting to the site, reading stories of interest, and sharing what

you’ve learned with others, you can:

  • inspire prospective students to be a part of Messiah College
  • spur friends of the College to get involved in the Messiah community
  • encourage others to share what they know about the College, and
  • start a chain of communication that has the potential to change lives.

Please check StoryLink regularly, or subscribe to our RSS feed to read new

stories and learn more about our wonderful students, faculty, and alumni.


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Posted on March 28th, 2008

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