Article Guidelines

StoryLink is an easy to access, searchable repository of memorable stories about Messiah College students, alumni, and faculty. The stories help express the distinctives and outcomes of a Messiah College education. Although there are many wonderful stories about Messiah College, StoryLink articles and subject matter are chosen at the discretion of the StoryLink editor based upon his/her interpretation of the following criteria:

xxxxx1. Would the story entice someone to learn more about studying a
xxxxxxxparticular academic major at Messiah College?

xxxxx2. Does it describe an interesting development or outcome
xxxxxxxthat is unique to Messiah College?

xxxxx3. Is the story easy to recall and adaptable for other forms of publication?

xxxxx4. Is the story reflective of Messiah College’s rigorous academic
xxxxxxxor athletic standards of excellence?

xxxxx5. Does it demonstrate Messiah College’s commitment to service,
xxxxxxxleadership, and/or reconciliation?

xxxxx6. Would the information revealed compel someone to want to know more about xxxxxxxthe College?



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Posted on May 13th, 2008

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